Walter is created by Teh Sweggurboi. He is a peculiar person. Walter is very introvert and he likes to keep himself busy with art and listening to songs of Leonard Cohen.

Wii Sports Edit

Walter is a high Pro at Golf. Most experts see him as an extraordinary talent who lives for the sport. All the greater was the shock when he announced to end his sports career, so he could fully focus on writing poems and making paintings. After a few years he got depressed and when he didn't know what to do anymore, he decided to go to India and become a Buddhist monk. That was another huge shock, this time especially for his family, because Walter was raised Jewish. When he came back, he stated that he still sees Judaism as his true religion, but that there's nothing better for you than meditating once in a while, and that the time in India has helped him to develop further as a person. Walter picked up his sports career and was better than ever before, completely against all odds. He reached a skill level of a bit over 1700 for the first time and in his free time he makes poems and paintings again. In all other sports in Wii Sports, he didn't achieve noteworthy things, as he is not good in all of them.

Tennis = 130
Baseball = 217
Bowling = 116
Golf = 1714 (PRO)
Boxing = 77