Wii Sports Edit

In Tennis She is at level 385 and plays with Xixkix or Taylor

Wii Sports Resort Edit

In Swordplay She is at level 0 The worst

In Basketball She is at level 100

But In Table Tennis She is a PRO at level 1009

Wii Party Edit

In Wii Party Sasha is a Beginner Mii

Wii Sports Club Edit

Sasha is a PRO at all the sports, putting her bad skills down.

In Tennis she is at Level ★6.

In Baseball she is at Level ★5, faced at Level ★4, along with Anna.

In Boxing she is at level ★2.

Wii Party U Edit

In Wii Party U, she is a Expert Mii and changed her skill higher.

Trivia Edit

Sasha is not good at any sport in Wii Sports Resort, not Table Tennis.

Sasha is only a PRO In Table Tennis In the Wii.

Sasha is one of the very few miis to Never be a PRO at much sports in Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort, but become a PRO at all of them in Wii Sports Club.