He is a CPU Mii.


Wii SportsEdit

In Tennis he is a Super Star Pro. His skill is 5230-5799. In Boxing his level is 730. He is good in Boxing. In Baseball he hits always Out Of The Parks. When he throws the ball the speed of the ball is 1,000,000 m/h. His level is 5050.

Wii Sports ResortEdit

In Table Tennis he is good. His skill is 1998. He has a level of 2267 in return challenge. In Basketball his skill is 7. In Speed Slice he Slices an object before it touches the ground. He is a Super Star and his level is 2300. In Swordplay you will always lose. When you click play again you will see yourself fall into the water. His level is 5150.In Island Flyover,He found all 80 I points within 10 Minutes.


Baseball : 5050

Tennis: 5230-5799

Boxing: 730

Swordplay: 5120-5150

Table Tennis: 1998

Basketball: 7