Nerd is a CPU mii who appears in all Wii Sports Titles. She is quite stupid, and has a twin sister named Loopy.

Appearances Edit

Nerd first appeared in Wii Sports. She appeared in every sport. She has no idea what she is doing, and is absolutely oblivious to things. In Wii Sports Resort, she is in every sport except Skydiving and Canoeing. Her sports appearances in Wii Sports Club are the same as her Wii Sports appearances.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Nerd is one of the strongest female Miis on Wuhu Island. She can K.O even Cooper with 1 punch! However, she does not know how to use her power correctly, and ends up missing almost every time she punches. Due to her stupidity however, she is extremely bad at sports.

Playing Her Edit

In Tennis, Nerd holds her racket the wrong way, swings very very late, and cannot even serve. In Golf, she holds her clubs the wrong way, and hits the ball into any hazards on the course. In Baseball, she pitches behind herself, and swings 10 seconds late. In Bowling, she bowls the ball into the wrong lane, and hits it on the lane dividers. In Boxing, she punches very hard... and misses 99.9% of the time. In Basketball, she throws the ball into the ocean or chucks it into the fence. In Swordplay, she has the best armor tier, but swings and misses all the time. In Island Flyover, she crashes her plane everywhere possible. And in Wakeboarding, she hits every obstacle.

Trivia Edit

  • She has a crush on Gary, and he wants to give her "flowers", which are sticks. And those are Nerd's favorite.
  • She has a cousin named Foo Foo, and and uncle named Jiemapae.
  • If you beat Nerd in Boxing, you get the stinky boxing gloves, which smell like stinky cheese, stinky socks, and skunk. Her sword is the same.
  • Her favorite food is... Stinky Cheese?

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