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Welcome to My Miis Wiki

Always been a fan of Wii games and liked Miis? Then this is the right place for you!
At My Miis Wiki, you can create your own Miis!
Do you think you are a better Mii creator than Nintendo? Show us!
Tell something about them, add a photo, and choose in which games you want them to appear.
Feel free to also add pages about unlockable items, minigames or any made-up things about Wii or Wii U!

Please read the Rules before editing.


If you want to create a new Mii page, enter the name of your Mii below and click the button.

Best Mii
of the Week
Sexema 2
Saxema - Highest skill level: 10,959,525
Worst Mii
of the Week
Gary - Worst skill level = -1 nonillion
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