Misy is a CPU Mii. Misy wears 7 Kiss the Chef T-shirts in an assortment of rainbow colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet), one for each day of the week and a pink one for the holidays. She wears them under her uniforms.

Wii Sports Edit

In Tennis her level is 8000. In Baseball her level is 100000, as she is the Super Ultimate Champion. Her team is herself, Nellie, Ay, &, Skylox, Merome, Sakura, Steve, and Noval. In Boxing, though, her level is 4.

Wii Sports Resort Edit

In Swordplay, her level is 12999 and she's the champion. In Basketball her level is 12570 and has Nellie and Ay by her side. Her level in Table Tennis is 12356.

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