Lodewijk is a CPU Mii in Wii Sports, made by Teh Sweggurboi. He is an extremely rich, posh and haughty guy and his favorite color is black. Lodewijk is a successful and tough businessman with an own company. He is only interested in making as much money as possible and as the company director he isn't very good for his employees. Though, the work of his business is for a large part to be done by others to make time for his professional golf career. He lives in a huge villa, with swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, rollercoasters, a wine cellar, a forest, 15 cars, a private jet, his own lake with a yacht and hundreds of butlers who work for him and his wife Veronique. Lodewijk is only good at etilist sports.

Wii Sports Edit

When Lodewijk was younger, he was a good golfer with a respectable career, who was just not good enough to be one of the absolute best Golf players back then, but at his best point he still reached a level of 1814. Nowadays, he's struggling to keep his Pro status, but until now he has managed to still be active on Pro level. He used to be also quite good at Tennis, but he never reached Pro status. Currently he plays most of his matches together with his wife Veronique or Spoxi, or with one of Bas or Flopsie who are approximately as good as he is. He doesn't like Boxing, Bowling and Baseball as he says it is beneath his dignity, and he isn't good at those sports either, as you can see below.

Tennis = 514
Baseball = 75
Bowling = 62
Golf = 1087 (PRO)
Boxing = 32

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