Katelyn is a CPU Mii from Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

Wii Sports Edit

In Tennis, Katelyn is barely Pro level with a Skill Level of 990-1000. She is usually paired with Ashley, although she is sometimes paired with Nellie or Sakura. She is currently the baseball champion, with a Skill Level of 1321. Her team consists of herself, Sakura, Cory, Barrizu, Anna, Maria, Helen, Mackenzie, and Saxema. She is not seen in Boxing.

Wii Sports Resort Edit

Katelyn is the second-to-last rival, before Matt, that you face in Swordplay, with a skill level of 1462. She is also the Level 12 Boss in Showdown. On the other hand, in Basketball, she is a top Pro, and plays on a team with Océane and Haru. She is also good in Cycling, and is usually in the top 5.

Wii Party Edit

In Wii Party, she is a rare Advanced Master CPU Mii.

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