Title Golf Vice Champion

Wii Play Find Mii Champion

Wii Play Table Tennis Vice Champion

Gender Female
Favorite Color Brown
Level Tennis: 984-995

Bowling: 1382(PRO)

Golf: 7491782(PRO)

Boxing: 2719(PRO)

Swordplay: 1638(PRO)

Basketball: 8253(PRO)

Table Tennis: 839

Cycling: 5th of out 98th(PRO)

Tennis: Level 2

Bowling: Level Star 50(Pro)

Golf: Level Star 692(Pro)

Baseball: Level Star 6(Pro)

Boxing: Level Star 10(Pro)

Jolly is a strong CPU Mii for Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Party, Wii Party U, Wii Sports Club, Mario Kart 8, and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, and is good at all the sports and a Pro at almost every sport. Her sisters are Tiffany, and Ellé. She is the champion of Wii Play Find Mii with 98 stages clear. that is almost all of them clear. She is one of the best Miis ever. She is the 10th fastest Mii of them all.

Wii Version Edit

She has a Ponytail, Red Glasses, Brown Skin, Green eyes, and likes Brown.

Wii U Version Edit

She has a flat nose, Red Glasses, Brown Skin, Brown Eyes, and likes Brown.

Wii Sports Edit

Jolly is Level 984 in Tennis but is sometimes 995 making her almost a pro and does good.

In Baseball is unknown so you will not see her there.

In Bowing she is at Level 1382 making her get most spares and strikes making her very hard to win vs.

In Golf she is a Pro at Level 7491782 making her being impossible and does the same as the champion but she makes 1 less then Saxmea, She is the Vice Champion at that sport.

In Boxing she is at Level 2819 making her a bit very hard. It takes a skilled boxer to beat her.

Wii Sports Resort Edit

In Swordplay she is at Level 1638 and is still a good pro.

In Basketball she is at Level 8253 and is a high pro and she gets 1 bonus point and if you lose your skill is down to the pro level 1000 because she can get so much 3 pointers.

In Table Tennis she is at Level 839 and that is her worst sport and is still good at it and hits well.

In Cycling she is one of the best players with a skill Level of 1672, she mostly places 5th of out 98th making her always in the top 5 along with Naz, Ying-boon, Katelyn, and the Champion Steve.

Armors Jolly uses In Swordplay Showdown Edit

  1. Green Armor
  2. Brown Armor
  3. Pink Armor
  4. Brown Armor
  5. Green Armor
  6. Unknown Armor
  7. Green Armor
  8. Purple Armor
  9. Purple Armor
  10. Unknown Armor
  11. Pink Armor
  12. Purple Armor
  13. Unknown Armor
  14. Unknown Armor
  15. Purple Armor
  16. Unknown Armor
  17. Green Armor
  18. Black Armor
  19. Green Armor
  20. Purple Armor

Jolly uses every single armor on Wii Sports Resort Swordplay Showdown.

Wii Party Edit

In Wii Party she is a Advanced Master Mii and always wins vs you or ties with you.

Wii Play Edit

In Find Mii Final stage she will appear always and will appear in Table Tennis and will mostly be seen in the bottom right corner her name is Hayley in that game. She is the Find Mii champion and the Vice Champion of Table Tennis with a score of 100.

Wii Music Edit

She appear playing any instrument and in more videos then anyone else and she has A new hair style in that game.

Wii Sports Club Edit

In Tennis she is at Level 2 and mostly will play with Elena, but she can play with anyone up to Grade 5 and does not hit that well.

She is Level Star 50 in Bowling and always gets Strikes and Spares.

In Golf she is the Vice Champion and does the same in Wii Sports and is still impossible.

In Baseball she is way better at Level Star 6 and hits well.

In Boxing she is Level Star 10 making her one of the best players.

Wii Party U Edit

She is an Advanced Master Mii and again she is unstoppable.

Nintendo Land Edit

She is in most artworks and appears in a Mario Chase artwork with Tom, Emily, and one other Mii, she will always get you in Mario Chase the Speed of light.

Super Smash Brothers for Wii U Edit

She is very defensive and attacks fast and she will block your attacks and she will always attack the speed of light.

Mario Kart 8 Edit

In Mario Kart 8 her name is Hayley and can drive the speed of light.

Her Powers and Skills Edit

She has won vs many Boxing players during her 1st 100 matches.

She has won vs most Swordplay Players.

She has won almost every Basketball game.

She won vs most players in Baseball games.

She won Boxing matches for dodging the attacks.

She always gets it right in Wii Play Find Mii when she is wrong but It happens until the last stage.

She Knockouted most people in Boxing.

She can get you in one push on the 1st second on Mario Chase, She pushes you the speed of light.

She can drive a car and a bike on Mario Kart 8 the speed of light.

More coming soon.

Friends Edit

She is friends with Motak, Saxema, Twex, Ellé, Tiffany, Chuck, Taylor, Donna, Tom, Emily, Alex, Elena, and Steve.

Foes Edit

Her Foes are Fatso, Ying-boon.

Mii Plaza Edit

She will always be Level 9 in Find Mii II, and if one other hero you pick Likes the color Brown, the other player is Level 7, 8, or 9.

Trivia Edit

  • Jolly is never a Pro at Tennis sports making her a Pro at the rest of the sports.
  • Her best sport is Golf on both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Club.
  • She is one of the Miis that uses Black Armor in Stage 18 along with the boss Carlos and She is very defensive and strikes often.
  • Jolly is a very good mii and one of the best Miis showing you the best skills.
  • Jolly is one of the fastest Miis.
  • Her Portuguese name is Alegre.
  • Her Mario Kart 8 Portuguese name is the same as her English name.
  • Her Wii Play Name is the same as her Mario Kart 8 name.
  • She poses as a Tennis player on the Wii Sports Club cover. Her skin is lighter on that artwork.
  • She is always appearing as a Mario Kart 8 Winner.
  • She is in the Wii Play Find Mii artwork and The Pose Mii artwork.
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  • Jolly is in a lot of the Wii and Wii U games.
  • Jolly never uses Brown or Pink Armor in Swordplay Showdown reverse stages apart from Stage 11.
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  • In Wii Music her name is Keiko.
  • She is one of the best Miis
  • Her Japanese Name is Yoki
  • More coming soon

Images and Videos of Jolly Edit

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Jolly in Wii Music

Jolly in Wii Music