Henry is a CPU Mii.

Wii Sports Edit

He is very, very bad at everything. In Tennis his level is -5000 and plays with Wogel30 or Vince. In Baseball his level is -7500. In Boxing, though, his level is -152000.

Wii Sports Resort Edit

In Swordplay Duel & Speed Slice, his level is -1589 and you can earn the stamp One-Hit Wonder from whacking him once in the first round. Hold (2) after making him fall to automatically win after the first round. In Basketball, his level is -539 and plays with Irimar and Geoos.

In Table Tennis his level is -1002 and uses a hotel slipper.


Boxing: -152000

Tennis: -5000

Baseball: -7500

Swordplay: -1589

Table Tennis: -1002

Basketball: -539