Gy-shu-ci is an extremely seldom (and Asian) Mii in Wii Sports. He will only appear if you beat: 25 Boxers, 18 Tennis Players, 45 Baseball Players, play 37 games of Bowling, and get 8 Birdies on Golf. After that he will appear in Tennis, Baseball, and Boxing. But if you're even 1 of any of these off he won't appear.

Skill Levels Edit

Tennis: 1937407489846545643674567534643757458643767574365346574356872658714652665645457

Baseball: 56747576345643787539275782362563428356634867187377534654867895768957676676756

Boxing: 2764725646743767223887486678567847619237585645658967544214985949574959999999999

Pronunciation Guide Edit


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