Delmer is a CPU Mii. He is good in sports.

Wii SportsEdit

In Boxing, he is unknown. In Baseball, his skill is around the 5,000,000 mark. In Tennis, his skill level is 5,396,200. He often plays with Saxema in Tennis.

Wii Sports ResortEdit

In Table Tennis and Swordplay, his skill is around the 6700 mark. In Basketball, Dermer's level is around 4,982,332.

Wii Sports ClubEdit

His Grade in Tennis is ★942. In Baseball and Boxing, his Grade is ★1361.

Wii MusicEdit

His name is "Remled" in Wii Music.

Wii Party and UEdit

Delmer is an 'Advanced Master' CPU in Wii Party.

Delmer is also an 'Advanced Master' CPU in Wii Party U. He likes the game "Mii Vaulters" and "Super Snow Sliders". He gets 240 m in "Mii Vaulters" and around 100 m in "Super Snow Silders".

Art AcademyEdit

He is good in painting. If Vince (The teacher in painting) is sick, and not feeling good to paint, then Delmer will replace him.

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