Cathy is a CPU Mii.

Wii Sports Edit

In Tennis, she plays with mostly Momel, sometimes &, sometimes Addy. In Baseball, her level is 1256 and has herself, Addy, Mich, Momel, Misy, Merome, Skylox, Nellie, and Fatso. In Boxing, her level is 8992.

Wii Sports Resort Edit

In Swordplay her level is 1336. In Showdown mode, she is the boss of secret level 22 1/2. In Basketball, her level is 5656 and plays with Merome and Addy. In Table Tennis her level is 283, equivalent to Mr. Bup's level. (Ian).


Tennis: 1721

Boxing: 8992

Baseball: 1256

Basketball: 5656

Table Tennis: 283

Swordplay: 1336


Cathy is in the 49th place in the Best Miis page.