12000 Miis Edit

A 12000 Mii is a Mii that has a level of 12000-12999. They are found after you beat your 2500 Mii or, if you press and hold (1) and (2) at the same time against Tommy (Pickup Game champion), Lucia (Table Tennis champion), or Matt (Swordplay champion).

Here are 12000 Miis from least to greatest:




Eduardo 2





Misaki 2





Dan 2



Beyond Edit

When you beat Jippy in Pickup Game, the next stage is the X Miis. The X Miis are like the normal Miis, but their level is 13000 higher. And they are harder. Jippy's teammates are Miguel X and Xavier, Miguel X's teammates are Jippy and Anna X, and so on. Same with the Table Tennis and Swordplay Miis.

Then there are XX Miis, which are 13000 higher than the X Miis.

And then XXX, all the way until 10X.

(When the X name is 4 or more X's, it is 4X.)

Then Y and then YY, and so on until 10Y.

Same thing with the Z's.

And then XY, XZ, YX, YZ, and then SUPER TIME!

Super Time! Edit

After you defeat Jippy 10XYZ in Pickup Game, you defeat the champions in each sport.

You V.S. Tommy, Matt, and Lucia.

They are really hard. The jump super high, and impossible to swap from.

Good luck!

X Powers Edit

The X Miis have a power.

Their power is, when they make a shot, they can use a "golden" power that makes them gold and adds 1 more point on. It's 2 for XXs and so on.

You press and hold (2) to activate the power.

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